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November 20, 2013

In what appears to be record time I have been discharged from hospital. I don’t know if it is luck, because of all my experience of operations or because I had a great surgeon but I am writing this sitting in my parents’ living room less than 36 hours after I had surgery. Even the most optimistic people on Monday said I wouldn’t be out until Friday.
Here is a picture of my wound:

It is held together with glue so no stitches to come out. I think this is amazing!
My surgeon said that when he went into the disc it was worse than the MRI scan had shown, which explains why it had been so much more painful recently. It goes to show it is worth listening to your body.
I have been given a list of things I can’t do for 6-8 weeks:
Carry things
Drive (I can’t drive until signed off by doctor)
Exercise other than gentle walking

Over the next six-eight weeks
Slowly build up activity
Keep gently moving my neck left to right, up and down
Build up my swallowing – currently I can swallow but it feels sore. This should ease but to help it I am back on that familiar diet of soft smooth foods.
Be careful talking. My vocal chords have been bashed around in the operation.
Listen to my body and rest as much as I can

Hopefully it will be onwards and upwards but I have been warned the next few days will be very sore and I will continue to have some pain for 2-3 months whilst it all settles down.

My right hand side (not the side with problems) has been bashed around and is very painful, all the muscles are sore, spasming and burning but they will settle down. My left hand side which has been so horribly painful currently feels amazing (I can feel my little finger for one thing!).
The most amazing thing is my face. There was no reason to be sure of a correlation between my facial numbness and my disc but I can feel more than I have done for almost 3 years. I can even chew on that side. It will take a while to fully come back but it is on its way.
I am due more painkillers so will sign off for now. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes but especially Alan and my parents for looking after me and each other.

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