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Day 4 – ouch

November 22, 2013

Today was the day I had thought would be the earliest I would be discharged. I am still rather amazed to have been discharged so quickly but I really think the key was the anaesthetic. All my other operations I felt groggy and sick but apart from a little low blood pressure and feeling faint in Wednesday morning I don’t feel too bad. Tired yes, but then I have had major surgery but not that horrible wooly feeling.

All the pain, numbness and weakness on my left have gone which has given me a huge boost as I have had acute pain for weeks and on and off for months. My right hand side is in a lot of pain though, they obviously threw me around a lot. My neck is also sore, i guess the metal they attached to it probably explains that. All in all it feels like my back, shoulders and neck are spasming and settling down. My swallowing is still sore but I can eat (I just had a chip). It is all a bit nursery food like but better than expected. I get tired talking for too long too especially on the phone.

My scar is looking better every day, it was a bit tight this morning and my mum thinks my neck is a bit swollen but I think I have got off lightly.

All in all I think I was expecting such awful side effects, worse than the jaw surgery that the psychological boost of not feeling like hell on earth has been the best medicine. I suspect when the drugs wear off and I start to do more the reality of the operation will hit.

I am currently having regular naps and not doing much but hopefully at some point next week I will leave the house …

I had to have a phone appointment with one of the doctor’s at my GP’s surgery today to get signed off properly. I have been signed off for 2 months as per the surgeon’s instructions. The doctor seemed very surprised they operated on my neck. It’s moments like that that made me realise this was a big deal. I feel I can now really relax and focus on my recovery.

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