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Basically my top jaw is a lot bigger than my bottom jaw (my bottom jaw is really small rather than my top jaw being really big). This means that currently my bottom jaw sits back so my top and bottom teeth don’t meet and my back teeth don’t bite properly. It also means I can’t breathe properly through my nose (everything is all cramped at the back of my mouth).

The surgery will break both my jaws and move the bottom one forward. I have to say I have been a bit deaf to the details but I believe there will be titanium screws involved – I will get more information and post it. They are also raising my top jaw by 4mm to improve the smile. There was also talk of genioplasty (taking a way a bit of the chin bone) but I’m not sure they are still doing this.

Below is a before and after skull image.

Here are some (non-graphic totally computer generated) videos which show the three things I’m having done:

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